Welcome to Trendy Pet Fashion

Trendy Pet Fashion - Dog hair quality bows, all handmade to perfection with quality rubber bands and lots of love to our special friends.

Who we are!

Thanks to get the time to know us a little more. Trendy Pet Fashion® is a register trademark under "Two Continents Enterprise". We have years of experience in the field of fashion design, but also we are crazy in love with our beautiful dog "Lilly". The love that we have for "Lilly", drove us to design pet products, and share our creation to the world.

We know that our customers have a very good taste, and appreciates the quality of our work. We put our minds in the design process, thinking carefully about the look and feel of our products. In fact, we not only take in consideration the aesthetics, but how your pet will feel wearing our brand.

About Us

Our products are carefully hand made to perfection, and we are the manufacture, importer and sole distributor to the brand Trendy Pet Fashion®, in the USA & Canada. But, if you are located outside the US, just drop us an email and we will be glad to check the many ways you can have our products delivered straight to you. Keep in mind that even though we are located in Nutley - NJ, we can supply you with our brand anywhere in the globe.

We appreciate your business, and we hope that we can build a strong business relationship.